Sam Hill is Slow.

Slow because we do it all ourselves. That's the best way we can figure to guarantee it's done right. Really we just try to make the things we like and make them just how we like them.

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All Kinds of Trouble

There's trouble in wondering if you can hit that tree across the street. Trouble in emptying a few cans just to set them on a rock out in the field. Trouble feeling like it's burning a hole in your pocket every time a squirrel lingers on a low branch.

Then there's trouble in relying on something, when it's got one job to do, and all it does is give way just when you need it. Like the trouble of a broken rubber band on that slingshot you just bought before heading out on a week-long backpacking trip. There's trouble in accepting good enough because good enough arrives way ahead of the way it ought to be.

Sam Hill welcomes trouble, but it's more the trouble of not keeping one eye on the clock, not moving on just to be finished and not being afraid to try it over again. The kind of trouble that usually brings quality as well. Yeah, we like all those other kinds of trouble too, but we go find trouble with the right tool in our back pocket.

The Sam Hill Sling Shooter

What in Sam Hill is a Sling Shooter?

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The Right Material

The best solution is often times the most basic solution. That's why we choose materials that are tried and true and always will be. There are no shortcuts. American Oak and Walnut provide the strongest, most solid frame that will not flex or break. A durable finish of natural teak oil further protects the grain of these hardwoods. Natural gum rubber and veg-tanned leather are the perfect compliments to turn a solid frame into a balanced and lively shooter.

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Assembled by Hand

We start by cutting every frame from a solid board of hardwood lumber. A rough cut is shaped by hand and sanded down to a distinct shape. Each one is a little different, and each one is worked until it feels right. The frame supports natural gum rubber bands that are joined to a pouch cut by hand from veg-tanned leather. Five holes are cut into each pouch in order to minimize drag and maximize projectile velocity. Waxed synthetic sinew is used to join the bands to the frame and the pouch to the bands. All knots are then sealed in a top coat of wax to completely prevent slipping or loosening with use.

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Built to Last

Each piece is solid, secure and carefully crafted to build a simple, efficient machine that is guaranteed for life against breakage. Every frame is tested for strength after it is shaped and meticulously checked for imperfections. Assembled shooters are tested for malfunctions and inconsistencies in action. The Sam Hill Sling Shooter is a high quality tool, made entirely by hand. It can be maintained and rebuilt countless times as the all natural materials wear with age and use. Though parts may be repaired or replaced, the shooter can be trusted for life.

Sam Hill Sling Shooter

  • Solid American White Oak or American Walnut frame
  • Teak oil finish
  • Natural gum rubber bands
  • Veg-tanned leather pouch
  • Waxed synthetic sinew binding
  • Each is unique in size and shape, but approximate dimension is 10" tall by 4" wide.
  • Waxed canvas bag included
  • Made entirely in the USA

Shipping within the USA is free. International shipping is available for an additional charge of $8. Shipping will be Standard 1st Class USPS, with tracking.

All Sam Hill Sling Shooters are made to order and may require up to three weeks from order to shipment. Every customer will be notified once their order has been completed and shipped.

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